How can Paw Media assist?

Professional IT Services

With over 27 years experience in Information Technology, we have the expertise to overcome a wide range of business challenges.  We can assist with project management, design, development, support and maintenance of your IT projects.

Event Management

Our full service event planning / management packages include marketing, digital campaigns, customer service, ticketing, promotional products and merchandise sales.  Connect with us and we’ll put together a proposal for your specific needs.

…and much more.

Digital marketing, search engine optimization, e-commerce, animation, video production, live event broadcasting and more.

About Us

Paw Media is a family owned business based in the hills of northwestern New Jersey, USA.  Our staff is comprised entirely of English speaking U.S. citizens – we do not offshore any development work. We work with both local small businesses and some of the world’s largest corporations.

We began offering web design, web hosting, apparel printing and photography services in 1994.  Since then, we’ve expanded to offer general IT services, digital marketing, social business, search engine optimization, e-commerce, community platforms, animation, video production, event management, live event broadcasting and more.

  Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and let’s put your business on the path to success!

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